About Us

GadBall is a website designed to help you develop and enhance your career. Once you create a Profile on GadBall, you have access to other Users. From Accountants to Zoologists - and everything in between, here you can interact with others who do the same job as you, or who share similar interests. Interact with and learn from others and share your knowledge.

GadBall has built integrations with numerous other internet sites, including Facebook and Twitter, to help you share your Profile and your career expertise with a greater audience.

This site also includes features to help you create, build and continuously manage your professional presence on the internet.

Your Public Profile on GadBall is YOUR internet web page. Internet search engines are how information is found on the web; hundreds of millions of searches are run every day. Is your profile properly structured, formatted, and indexed so that you can be found?

To learn more about all of the career related features we provide, read our Tools and Features.

Before you begin, we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy – your privacy is important to us, and we take this very seriously.

Tools and Features

Profile Hosting - Create and Host Your Public Profile on GadBall.

Profile Writing Wizard – Writing a good Profile is difficult, but very important. Your Profile is how you are seen by others. We partnered with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to offer you professionally written job descriptions for over 4,000 job titles. Each includes a Description and several Tasks for each occupation. With one click you can add any of the text to your Profile; our partnership secures you the rights to use this text.

Profile Review & Score – Our software evaluates both the content and relative context of your Profile much like how search engines evaluate web pages. We issue you a score for your Profile; your score represents how well your Profile is written and perceived relative to other profiles similar to yours. And we offer suggestions on how you can improve your score, and improve your Profile.

Recommendations - Enhance your Profile by including content written by others. What is said about you helps others learn more about who you are as a person and a professional. Include recommendations from friends, bosses, and colleagues to distinguish your Profile.

Proof Reading - Invite others to proof read your Profile and leave comments and suggestions. Only you will see what they write. Use this to have a "second set of eyes" edit your work, and ask the people who know you best to help improve your profile. Some may provide career improvement suggestions, or even put you in contact with others who can help you advance your career.

Career Networking - Once your Profile is created you can join Groups and Forums to meet and interact with other Users. Meet others with similar interests, share workplace challenges and offer advice.

Work Genius - Our free career interest quiz is fun, easy and informative. We have a list of tasks (such as "Act in a play" or "Develop a new medicine") and for each you tell us if you like or dislike it. From your answers we develop a career interest assessment of you, and we match your interests to more than 4,000 occupations. For each job, we also link to a job search where we search our database, company websites, and other job boards to find who is hiring locally.

Career Videos – Research a new career. We have over 500 professionally created videos, each describing what you need to qualify for the job, and what a typical day on the job is like. This is a great way to explore a new career.

Resume Templates – Is it time to consider a new opportunity? Choose from one of our templates, and easily create a resume from your Profile.

One Click Apply - It is not necessary to retype the information from your Profile multiple times. You can create a resume from your Profile and submit it to jobs posted directly on GadBall with One Click.

Job Search Agents - There are over 200,000 active jobs posted on GadBall. Create a Job Search Agent, and we’ll send you an Email when matching jobs are posted.

Resume Distribution – Create your personal resume account on any of our job board partners. Job Boards that can help you are displayed based on your location, occupational interests, level of education, and wage history.